Friday, July 1, 2016

July 2016 Book of the Month

Time to move on from June's Irish Chain Quilts, (affiliate link) and choose another book to explore for the month of July.
The Book of the Month honor goes to Black & White, Bright & Bold, (affiliate link)

a book that has been on my shelf for quite awhile. It's time to make some quilts from my extensive black and white stash.

Over the past 3 1/2 years, I've enjoyed introducing you to different books each month, making the quilts, and giving a brief book review. But due to the treadmill of life, I've been considering moving the Book of the Month feature to a quarterly schedule. My question is: how do you feel about that? Do you enjoy seeing a different book each month for inspiration, or do you have so many projects going that the ideas go onto the 'someday' list? I'd love to hear your feedback, as it will help me decide which way to go. So, please, leave a comment, and I'll let you know my decision next month. But for this month, look forward to a Black and White, Bright and Bold (affiliate link) quilt!

Thanks, and have a wonderful weekend sewing!


  1. Although it is interesting to see what you create each month, I can understand that it is a demanding requirement to choose a pattern, then choose the fabrics, then piece, quilt and bind. For three and a half years that calculates to 42 books. Phew! Time to give yourself a break to provide breathing room to branch out and do something different. Whatever you decide, I'm happy to have the chance to see what you create.

  2. What They Said.
    Love the book each month but maybe a little intimidated by all you get done? (Naw not really) If it becomes a job that takes all the fun from the growth and learning and exploring you are getting from the book. Do what makes it fun again.

  3. I love seeing the quilts made from the various books. Often, it makes me want to buy the book...but, if it is stressful and keeps you from doing quilts you would rather do, then less often is the correct decision. Will still get the info, just not as often. Thank you.

  4. I have to admit that as busy as life has been around here, almost every project seems to go on my "someday" list these days. Quarterly would work well for me too.

  5. I love the monthly books and seeing what you come up with. That being said, if you feel like quarterly would work better, go for it. As someone else said, if it becomes a job it takes away all the fun. And quilting should be fun!


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