Monday, May 1, 2017

May 2017 Book of the Month

Just a bit late to get the new Book of the Month feature to appear in your May 1 inbox, but at least the choice is up in time! This month's selection goes to Tonya Alexander and her book, Stash Lab - Simple Solutions for Scrap Quilts (affiliate link)

Stash Lab - Simple Solutions for Scrap Quilts book

Back in March when I was in the library seeking landscape quilting books for Santorini, I couldn't resist several books dealing with scraps. Since I'm on a mission this year to use up my bags of scraps through RSC17, I couldn't turn down a little inspiration from others. Though some of the books had great quilts, the scraps sizes/shapes they used are not what's in my bags. Back to the library they went :( 

Within the Stash Lab (affiliate link) book, there are a couple quilts suitable for my scraps, and I may even cut into some yardage. Definitely a win-win if I can use scraps and yardage up - makes some room for new fabric!

So come join me on this month's scrap journey, and let's clear out those scrap bins!


  1. Oh I love my library for inspiration!!! I look at books I would never have thought to check out and find myself. Occasionally find one that I need to order and stash for my self!

    1. Definitely! The library is a great way to 'preview' books before we add them to our stash


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