Monday, September 12, 2022

Bloglovin Image Update

Follow my blog with Bloglovin  is a test!

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about my struggles to have Bloglovin display my post images. And I have some happy news - after reaching out to the Google/Blogger community, a kind soul suggested a redirect fix in Blogger. 
And it worked! 

For about 2 weeks.

Now it appears as if Bloglovin has some serious problems. I was receiving daily digests up until August 23, then they stopped, then I got them for a couple days, and now they've stopped again. Logging into itself brings up a page that says 'Sorry, this page isn't available'. 

For some reason, I can't access my blog feed, nor anyone else's for that matter, though it appears some subscribers can still see my posts. It's just my luck to finally get the issue resolved, only to be thwarted again.             

I guess it's time get over it and move on.

For those of you who follow me through Bloglovin, I suggest it's time to switch to receive my posts via another news source. Though you'll still see the 'Follow me on Bloglovin' badge at the end of my posts, I can't guarantee that you'll actually see those posts.

As for me, QuiltFabrication, the post feed that I use for you to follow is which not only provides direct post delivery to your inbox, but also has news feeds. Check out the blogs to follow under the DIY feed directory, which includes quilting - woohoo!

Of course, this is completely up to you! I certainly miss the Bloglovin daily digest, but find direct post delivery to be the next best source. How else am I going to keep up with all the quilt blogs???

Thank you again for visiting and being a follower! I hope you enjoy having my posts delivered directly to your inbox with  


Happy Quilting everyone!

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  1. You are not alone with problems with Bloglovin... I have read them for years and now I only receive them once or twice a week....whenever they feel like sending it to me is my thought. It's frustrating! And the site seldom works properly. I miss seeing my blogging friends and what they are dong.............

  2. I feel your pain... I finally moved over to Feedly to follow blogs... I like it!

  3. I've switched most of my blogs to Feedly and like, Alycia, I like it.

  4. I use feedly now to follow blogs. Bloglovin’ stopped my feed sometime ago. If I reloaded it worked for a day or two or whatever, then stopped. They are useless…which is too bad.

  5. Me too! I’ve been using Feedly for years. You can use a browser on your computer or an app on your phone or tablet.

  6. I am glad to hear I am not the only one who has lost their daily digest. Looks like feedly is the place to be. Thank you Susan for updating all of us on these issues. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!

  7. I hoped it would be back again, but now I think I have to switch to Feedly also.

  8. Well, it took me about 3 weeks to realize I was losing a lot of emails from bloggers. I have now gone into and Feedly and getting the emails. I had to go and enter each URL of the bloggers I follow. I tell you if there is anything that was working, they now have screwed it up! Oh well, guess it is good to learn new things, but could they please inform us of the changes! (wishful thinking!). Hugs


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