Monday, January 21, 2013

Stitch Talk #2 Curliques

Stitch Talk for today is block #2, Curliques, of the Blue Heart quilt.
This is one of my favorite designs!  It looks so pretty, and is so fun to draw!

Once again, using the clear vinyl over the top, practice drawing the design, getting an idea of where it goes in the block.

This one was started near the heart instead of the block border, just for the sake of not having to cut the thread!

Curl around, backtracking in the center curl, then branch out to form another.  Three things that add interest:  alternate the curls whenever possible, branch off at a point far enough away from the inner curl so that each one becomes distinct, and vary the size.

And here's a picture of the back.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Thank you for the great tutorial Susan!!
    Very fun!
    ~Christina in Cleveland

  2. I love the lesson. So we drawn the design on a clear vinyl and practice this on a block?


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