Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Stitch Talk #8 Pebbles, and Swirls

Today's Stitch Talk focuses on Pebbles, Swirls, and it's combo Swirls and Circles.

Swirls and Circles
Let's start with Pebbles.
Beginning at an edge, make a circle, then backtrack over a portion of it to make another circle right next to it.  Don't worry if your circles are perfectly round, unless that's the look your going for.  Continue making circles, varying the sizes, and backtracking when necessary to fill in the space.
And remember, Pebbles look better when they are touching, with very little space in between, otherwise they're Bubbles!

Pebbles relative, Swirls, again starts on an edge, and curls around into the middle. Make sure to leave enough space between the stitching lines to get back out.
Backtrack over the outer stitching, and start another swirl, again leaving enough space to get back out.  If that stitching hits another swirl, just stitch over what was previously stitched and continue on finishing the swirl.
By tracking over previous swirls, the fill looks as if the swirls are piled on top of each other.

Once different basic fills are mastered, they can be combined into new fills, such as Swirls and Circles.

 The options are endless!

Happy Quilting!

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