Saturday, June 15, 2013

June Book of the Month Progress

Well, the project for June's Book of the Month, Nickel Quilts (affiliate link), is not as far along as I hoped.  Once again, travel has taken me away from quilting, so now I'm playing catch up!

But I do have progress to report!  I have picked out the Sunny Lanes pattern from the book, and decided to make it a yellow and blue theme.  Got the yellow nickel pieces sorted out from the rest, then determined I should find some more!  Looking through my yellow stash, I found a bunch of small pieces that could be cut into 5" squares:

The above picture shows the original nickels on the left and top.  And when making scrap quilts, the more variety, the better!  But what a lot of cutting!!!

So now I've got some sewing done, and here's the pile of chain stitched half square triangles

and here's the start of the four patch units
Everything needs pressing, cutting, some more sewing, and squaring.

I don't have a particular size in mind for this project--I just want to keep sewing nickels till I run out of yellow!  Unfortunately, I have run out of the blue I was using.  So back to the stash to find something similar.  I could use a bunch of different blues, but I really don't want to drive myself nuts!  And if I get two quilts out of all of this, even better!

Will keep you posted!
Happy Quilting

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