Monday, June 10, 2013

Spin Off!

Announcing my latest creation, Spin Off!
Do those pieces look familiar??  Remember my Glorified 9-Patch, Oh Baby Baby?
 And it's offspring, Ripple Effect?
Spin Off is another from the leftovers from Oh Baby Baby.  Totally awesome to create two more quilts from leftovers!  And there may be one more, but the ideas haven't hit me for those scraps.

I have to admit that this quilt hung on my design wall for a least a month as I pondered how to quilt it.  Every time I saw it from a distance, the curved square in the center kept jumping out.  And I wanted something to accent that, without overpowering the quilt design.  Here's the first idea:
It's okay, but the pebbles weren't doing it for me, and I didn't like the feathers in the corners.  So, using the lines from the blue squares, I decided to make a grid in the center so that it didn't detract.  I also switched the direction of the feathers, so now there was more size variety and interest.
And the flowing lines through the patches connects those, and separates the designs.

Here are more closeups:

And here's the back:
Hmm, now on to the next one!

Happy Quilting!



  1. I am very impressed! What beautiful quilting. Do you use a longarm or a domestic machine with the rulers? I have seen several Craftsy video classes with rulers but mostly on longarms. I am curious if it would work on a domestic machine well. Either way Bravo! Your quilt looks great and love that you didn't wast any leftovers from your previous quilts. :D Kathy Aho in MN

  2. I LOVE what you did with the leftovers! Just extroidinaire! The quilting is gorgeous too. It's important to use your gifts and you do beautifully. THank you for sharing.

  3. such creativity in your quilting. It looks great. I have TONS of leftovers from and B & W Day and Night quilt. There are lots of ideas in the book to do with them. I'll have to get busy - you are a great inspiration :)

  4. That is just beautiful! Great quilting and I like the "bonus" of the whole thing.


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