Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fred, the Fugitive!

Has anyone seen my rooster??  Fred has become a fugitive!

Fred the Fugitive chicken

He escaped from the frame coop yesterday, because someone didn't close up the hole in the chicken wire!!

Here's more information to identify him in case you see him.

He's got a beautiful orange crown on his head, 

Fred the Fugitive chicken's crown

green eyes, and a beautiful body of feathers.

Fred the Fugitive chicken's body

He also struts around showing off his fancy tail feathers, as he's the King of the Roost.

Fred the Fugitive chicken's tail feathers

I'm so upset that no one fixed the hole, and that he escaped!

opening in the chicken wire

So if you see this guy parading around your neighborhood, 

Fred the Fugitive Chicken

be sure to let me know.  Good luck catching him!  But you can have your own rooster from Ann Shaw.  She has numerous patterns to choose from at

Happy Quilting!

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  1. He is so handsome! If he comes my way, I'll be sure to keep him safe for you.

  2. I think you might find Fred in your back yard eating the seeds from your bird feeder. He's one handsome fellow, you should work on getting that coop fixed. :-)

  3. What a fun post! Ypur rooster is terrific!!!

  4. Gorgeous mix of colors and motifs! Fred certainly has a lot of style!

  5. Love it! The chicken wire quilting just makes the quilt. How adorable!!

  6. Fred is quite the looker! I bet you can find dancing with Ginger. Thanks for sharing the new to me pattern site.

  7. Oh my goodness he's handsome! Love the quilting and fussy cut eye!

  8. What a beautiful rooster and I think I just saw him over at our neighbors house!!! Love the quilting on him!

  9. Fab! I love the chicken wire effect in the background. Your fabric selection is the best I have ever seen. WOW.

  10. He is absolutely beautiful! Amazing!

  11. i think i need fred at my house to fit in with all his cousins... that i have in my kitchen...

  12. Linda says he hasn't shown up in Conway, Arkansas. If he does I have 1st dibs on filing adoption papers at the animal shelter!!


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