Friday, June 10, 2016

Breaking Up

A finish before the weekend! 

Breaking Up, 

a pattern from my June Book of the Month selection, Melissa Corry's Irish Chain Quilts, (affiliate link)is quite the beauty!

The pattern is quick and easy to put together, and the navy chains and binding make this quilt really shine! I'm loving navy as an alternative to black - so much nicer visually. 

Given that the inspiration fabric was full of peaches, I kept that theme going in the quilting. After drawing a design to fit the space, it was traced onto netting, then onto the quilt with a washout marker.

Using the lines as guidelines, I had some zen moments quilting all those peaches, leaves, and curls.

As for the washout marker, that's a story for the next post, removing blue water soluble markerFor now, let's focus on the prettiness of this quilt!

Here's the whole peach motif, which was rotated around to fit properly in the spaces.

Though the thread looks gold, it's actually Glide's Sea Foam green, and was perfect for this quilt.

It's also on the back, 

adding a nice sparkle to the navy.

See the nine-patches on the back? Took a day to make those into the backing. They're a bit lost here, so I'll be a bit more careful the next time I add something like this.

This quilt is a perfect addition to my house, picking up the red and beige, with the pops of green and blue. Who knew I was making a decorator item!

And thank you, Melissa, for a great pattern!

Irish Chain Quilts

Have a great weekend quilting!


  1. I really like that quilt. I agree with you about using the navy instead of black. Very pretty and your quilting is the perfect finish.

  2. I had seen you use netting to transfer a pattern on another quilt and I am glad to see it again in a different application. I'm really going to have to try this on a quilt.

  3. Beautiful. Your quilting is wonderful on it.

  4. Susan, this is a lovely quilt! I love the way you quilted it! How do you get so much done????

  5. Beautiful quilting. Thanks for showing us how you achieved this wonderful effect.

  6. That's a fun pattern and your interpretation is great with all those juicy colors and quilting, makes me want a peach right now))

  7. Beautifully done! Love the quilting, very fun motif.

  8. WOW! Love those quilting lines! Beautiful.

  9. I love how your quilt came out. The peach quilting is very unique.

  10. You are brilliant! The peach quilting coupled with that beautiful Irish chain is fantastic. And how perfect that I am just sitting down after "helping" a granddaughter make a peach cobbler! My mouth is watering!
    Seriously, it's a gorgeous quilt.

  11. It is absolutely beautiful!!! Such a gorgeous finish!! And thank you for your sweet words on my book ;)

  12. What a beautiful quilt. Your custom quilting is so detailed and pretty. Those colors are also very nice. Following your blog.


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