Thursday, June 2, 2016

June 2016 Book of the Month

The June Book of the Month honor goes to Melissa Corry's Irish Chain Quilts! (affiliate link)

Purchased months ago and buried in a stack of books, it's been rediscovered after moving to a place in the bookcase. 

Leafing through, I've chosen the pattern Breaking Up,

a nice sized lap quilt around 56" x 74", and quite striking, don't you think?

I went through the 5" squares again, and found several squares of a pretty peach print as my starting point. It's the one in the center.

I'll get started with what I can, as a trip for a navy blue solid is in order. Can you believe there's none in my stash?

Have a great day quilting!


  1. That will be lovely. She has several great chains in that book.

  2. Yes she does - hard to choose!


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