Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Squares in Squares

This one's a finish, and ready to go to it's forever home.

I'm calling it Squares in Squares, because, well, that's exactly what it is. Using the blue bee fabric as the color inspiration, along with controlled scrappiness, this one just seems to be dripping honey!

Yesterday, I gave a brief tutorial on designing this with a basic unit and resulting blocks. Though the quilt was first laid out as basic units, it ultimately uses block version 3.

To complete the 'squares' look, half blocks were used on the 'border', creating a 40" x 40" quilt.

Quilted in gold Glide thread with the Bayside panto, 

the quilt just wants to wrap someone in it's warmth.

And in the stash, there was a yellow bee fabric for the back, a perfect fit.

Now to add the label, and off it goes!

Give the basic unit and different blocks a try to create your own quilt - I know I'll be trying it again!

Have a great day quilting!

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