Monday, May 14, 2018

Pretty Posies, an X Block Quilt

Introducing Pretty Posies, my second X-Block quilt. The first, Diamond Ribs, was for the X Block Blog Hop.

Pretty Posies in the wild

Aren't those flowers bright and beautiful?

yellow posie

Inspired by the fun border fabric, I pulled bright prints to make the pretty posies.

pink posie

Then pulled all the flowers together by giving them matching centers, which are squares appliqued on.

posie centers and backing

Here's a full on picture.

Pretty Posies

This quilt was based on the Bright Eyes pattern, which has one more row of flowers. Being that my border fabric was limited, I opted for a 3 x 3 layout. And a small flower print completes the back!

For this quilt, I have two quilting videos to share: 

one for the leaf stipple in the green background area, 

                                                            Leaf Stipple

and one for quilting the X-Block flowers, which can easily be done with a walking foot.

                                                  Posie Flower Quilting

Both of these designs require no marking, though they could be added to the flowers to more easily divide the area. 

Feel free to use these ideas to quilt your next flower quilt, or check out my YouTube channel for other ideas!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Wow, so beautiful, bright, and cheerful! Great quilting too.

  2. What a pretty quilt with all those bright colours sure to cheer anyone up.

  3. Fun and bright with the perfect border fabric to pull it all together.

  4. love the fabric choices, so pretty.

  5. This quilt is quite the contrast with your Diamond Ribs quilt. It's interesting to see the different patterns you can get with that one template. Cheers to you for another lovely quilt.

  6. Amazing. I love that it's so bright and vibrant.

  7. Love the bright fabrics and the quilting.

  8. Tat looks great. I love that leaf stipple quilting and it was fun to watch it being done.

  9. Looks great outside! So bright and cheerful .

  10. Love that you include quilting videos. I would like to take the plunge and machine quilt, but am gathering my courage up. This quilt would be such a great little girl quilt! Thanks for linking with Design Wall Monday, I appreciate you.

    1. Thank you so much for the quilt love Judy! Do dive in - practice on a donation quilt, or just sandwich some fabric/batting.
      The toughest part is starting!

  11. This is such a bright, fun quilt! Thank you for showing close up pictures, I fell in love with that orange stripe fabric and the raspberry squares fabric! I also appreciate the quilting videos, thank you so much!

  12. I love how you quilted this quilt, Susan!

  13. Love the colors. Your quilting is awesome, as usual!

  14. Bright and colourful with wonderful quilting. Thanks for the videos too and I will use them.

  15. I do like the quilting you used here. The center curves, plus the rays out through the flowers really makes the eye move. Thank you for sharing, and for the video quilting.

  16. Big big fan of the combination of cheerful colours and the quilting in this one Susan. :) I especially like how you fill the corners with the leaves. Another superb quilt and thanks for linking up to Clever Chameleon.

  17. Such a cheerful happy quilt... the X-block is a very versatile block. Nice to get the insight into your quilting too.


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