Monday, May 13, 2019

Batik Scrap Quilt

Yeah! I finally get to share the quilted batik UFO, from the pattern called Sunny Lanes.

Batik Scrap by QuiltFabrication

I was so inspired by the pantograph I put on a customer quilt, that I decided to stitch it on this one too. The only change was the choice of thread - Sunny Lanes is quilted with a bright yellow-orange, which looks quite lovely.

bright yellow orange thread on the Batik Scrap quilt

Isn't that panto just perfect on this quilt too?

pantograph quilting on Batik Scrap quilt

Why did I wait so long to finish this? My guess is that I was thinking of a custom quilt design, but couldn't come up with a design years ago. So the quilt hung in the closet, waiting. 

Waiting for that perfect idea! Forget the custom stuff - this panto looks great!

border fabric on Batik Scrap

This quilt is for my older son, who admired it when I first pieced it. The border batik is from yardage I purchased at a warehouse when in LA for one of his hockey tournaments. And I had plenty of that yardage to use on the back, plus binding.

Batik Scrap quilt backing and binding

That picture happens to show more of a pink area, though overall, the back is more orange, my son's favorite color.

orange batik quilt back

Just like Seafarer was meant for my younger son, this one is perfect for my older kid!

Batik Scrap quilt flat

I'm super happy with how this turned out, even if it did take years. I firmly believe that sometimes quilts just need to sit for awhile, waiting for the right moment to come to completion. Hopefully, that doesn't happen to the majority of them!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I love that quilt pattern and the fabric you used! so pretty

  2. That's one thing I love about batik quilts; they always blend together so well and look so beautiful. Your son is one lucky fellow! What a great finish!

  3. Beautiful, Susan! Love the panto and the thread you used!

  4. I am so glad that this sleeping beauty finally woke up. She is a head-turner. The quilting is perfect for the patchwork. I am sure your son will be very happy.

  5. Lovely finish, Susan, and you're right -- not every quilt needs intricate custom quilting! I'm sure your son is thrilled to have it now! The orange thread intrigues, me, too, because I never would have picked it but I LOVE how it looks in your quilt. I still have a lot to learn about choosing quilting threads, so I'm paying special attention to other quilters' choices. :-)

  6. Yes!!! Some quilts are waiting for the right moment/inspiration! How neat that it is going to your son! I'm sure he'll treasure it for years to come! Great finish!

  7. You did a beautiful job on this one for color!!! Pleasing Scrappy with a beautiful matching border! Cudo's Hugs

  8. Oh it is beautiful! LOVE the backing color too!

  9. I've been wanting to make that pattern. Yours came out so nice!

  10. Yay for a finish!! That quilt is fantastic and the batik border really sets off the fabrics in the blocks beautifully!

  11. Fantastic choice of panto and thread. This is one terrific scrappy quilt, your son is right on the money with his choice. :)


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