Monday, March 9, 2020

Brick Yard Quilt, Scrappy Version

Last week, I shared a tutorial on making a Brick Yard block, scrappy version, and today, I'm sharing the full finished quilt!

Brick Yard Quilt, Scrappy Version by QuiltFabrication

Didn't that turn out great? I just love it when lots fabrics, whether yardage or scraps, come together for a beautiful quilt!

Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed making the scrappy Brick Yard blocks, all 48 of them. With the borders, this quilt measures 62" x 80", and with a light cotton batting, is soft and lightweight.

Brick Yard Quilt, Scrappy Version closeup

Quilting is the nice open pantograph, Happy Times, in a matching purple thread. Keeping the quilting large didn't let the purple thread dominate, otherwise it could have made an even more purple quilt. It all came out just right!

Brick Yard Quilt, Scrappy Version quilting

My inspiration for this quilt was three-fold. First, the Brick Yard scrappy blocks, then the desire to clean out some purple fabrics from the scraps and yardage bins, and finally, the purple/yellow leaf print (upper left). 

Brick Yard Quilt, Scrappy Version fabric pull

With over 2.75 yards, I immediately set it aside for backing, and based my purple fabric choices against it. 

Brick Yard Quilt, Scrappy Version backside

Then everything fell into place. The yellow I chose is washed out in the picture, but that was also around 2 yards, and I just have a few scraps left - how lucky is that? But being me, I would have found a way to throw in another yellow and make it look like a design feature!

Brick Yard Quilt, Scrappy Version by QuiltFabrication

And now when purple comes up for RSC 2020 at So Scrappy, I'll have more purple to play with, and maybe even enough to make another, different quilt. We shall see what the schedule holds. Until then...

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I loved this block when I saw it last week. It is so cute in a quilt, I wasn't too sure how it would look. Can I use this pattern as my block for my Queen reign this summer?

  2. Hi Susan, that's a really great quilt - it looks easy (which is what I like in a quilt) Thanks for the tutorial of the block :-)

  3. This looks amazing. At first, I didn't think that was the block.

  4. Love this! Great pattern. Perfect size.

  5. Love your selection of purples, it turned out great. Judy

  6. Hi Susan! Wow, this turned out just great didn't it?!! I'm not a huge fan of purple but you are inspiring to make a purple-themed quilt top. I love this block and how all the fabrics you chose came together into this beauty. Thank you for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. I had to laugh because I have at least 5 of these fabrics in my purple stash which is so large I have it stored in multiple bins. Perhaps I should make an all purple quilt (or two) soon.

  8. That is beautiful!!! I like the two color quilt!


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