Friday, December 11, 2020

School Days Baby Quilt

My last quilt was School Days, made from 10 inch squares. Today, I'm introducing the companion quilt, in a smaller size.

school fabrics in a baby quilt

This 38" x 38" baby quilt is made from 5 inch squares, using the same idea as the larger crib/toddler School Days quilt.

school fabrics made into two quilts

When my husband's coworkers were busy having kids, often the parents would request a toddler quilt to give to their new baby's sibling. These two are perfect for that!

And just like the larger School Days, the baby size has puzzle pieces quilted with variegated thread. 

closeup of School Days baby quilt

And there's the ABC's, and a couple leftover fabrics on the back.

backside of School Days baby quilt

Both of these quilts are for sale as a set in my QuiltFabrication Etsy shop. Tell all your friends about this great Christmas idea for the favorite children in their life.

Happy Quilting!


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