Monday, December 14, 2020

More FREE US State Quilt Blocks -15 thru 20

There's a new batch of US States blocks to collect, from the designers with the Around the Block - USA Tour.

We're now at Week #20, and if you're just joining in on the fun, check out these posts to get caught up on blocks 1 thru 14.

More FREE USA Quilt Blocks (10 -14)

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If you've been doing the math, you'll see we have 6 blocks to go over today. We'll get started with #15, and work our way to #20.

Block 15 is a beautiful pine tree from Oregon, made by Tuning My Heart Quilts.

oregon pine tree

Next, we visit Idaho, known as the Gem State. This lovely gem stone block is created by Charisma Horton.

idaho gemstone block

Then we jump over to North Dakota (#17), with this honeycomb block created by Kissed Quilts.

north dakota honeycomb

A short drive puts us in South Dakota (#18). These sunflowers are from Traditional Primitives.

south dakota sunflower quilt block

And we'll continue on to Michigan, where Dragonfly's Quilting Design Studio shares the state block (#19). 

michigan quilt block

And last, but not least, block/week #20, is a visit to Indiana with an Indycar by the Inquiring Quilter.

indiana indycar quilt block

Have fun collecting!

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