Friday, July 16, 2021

Quarter Squares Triangles and Crafters Edge

I gave my Crafters Edge Crossover II machine a workout yesterday, cutting quarter squares triangles.

multi colored quarter square quilt blocks

The Crossover II plus the not-yet-released Quarter Square Triangle dies made cutting and sewing so easy! (BTW - the Crossover II machine is 25 percent off through the month of July - no coupon or code needed!)

different colored triangles

I'll admit that there was a bit of a learning curve on cutting for the most effective use of fabric. I first started out with strips,

cutting a triangle from a pink strip

but without proper planning, I was left with small triangle scraps. :(

Then I decided I'd cut squares to what I thought was a size to get four triangles.

triangles cut from a pink square

Notice how the dies edges in the middle of the square don't quite end at the fabric points. Which means I cut the square too small. :(

So, I ended up cutting three triangles from the square, with a smidge of a strip as scrap. At least the scrap strip makes me happier than the scrap triangle! :)

die cutting triangles

Of course, to avoid all of the math involved to cut four triangles, I should have just gone with a square, cutting just two triangles.

Fortunately, I didn't go wild on cutting squares, though I did cut enough for at least 20 quarter square blocks. The next couple of rounds, I'll know better! ;)

multi color quilt blocks

After all the cutting, sewing was a breeze! I paired up darks with lights to make a two triangle unit,

then paired those to make quarter square blocks.

They come out the perfect size and there's no trimming of dog ears needed - just press and go! That, my friends, is one of the time savers when using a die cutting machine - woohoo!

If any of these fabrics look familiar, they were all used in the Block Base Plus Sew Along blocks. Ultimately, they will form a border for this quilt, as seen below in the preliminary layout.

Now I'm off to cut another round of quarter square triangles since only one side of that border is made. Lots more quarter square blocks to make!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Those border blocks are looking great with the center blocks.

  2. Glad to see that Crafter's Edge is coming out with new triangle dies!

  3. Thank you for sharing how to get the most from fabric when using a die for cutting. I recently bought a die cutter and am barely starting my learning curve. Thanks for the info.


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