Monday, November 29, 2021

Christmas Cheer!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the lead up to Christmas is in full swing. For me, I don't get excited about a holiday until it's 3-6 weeks away and maybe you're like that too.

With that in mind, and just for Santa, I'm sharing some of my Christmas runners and wall hangings that I've made within those weeks before the big holiday. I'm sure Santa will be happy to see them again - he certainly can't miss them as they adorn every available space in the house!

At the top of my nice list is Gnome for the Holidays, a super cute applique runner with a Santa gnome, his gingerbread-esque home, a few wonky snow coated trees, and snowflakes to set the scene.

Here's a closer look - he's just so cute!

Next on my nice list is the Peppermint Candy runner. I love this one for it's simplicity - red and white stripes with pinwheels in between. 

Those snowmen sure look like they're enjoying the scene!

Of course Christmas wouldn't be complete without trees and several tree patterns have made my nice list. I especially love this one, aptly named Christmas Trees.

Filled with small Christmas print appliques, then outlined with snow, three of them stacked make a great wall hanging, or I could have placed them side-by-side for a festive table runner. Maybe next year!

Another favorite tree runner, Holiday Forest, is a more modern design, with several trees reaching for the sky on a snow-filled background.

I liked these so much, I even made a set of placemats

tall green trees on snow background

Now as you know, Santa couldn't do his job without the help of his nine reindeer, especially Rudolph - they are quite the team! I'm sure that when Santa sees my Reindeer Wreath wall hanging, he'll remember how special they all are and give them more carrots!

black and white check reindeer heads

Hmm, with all the quilts to see in my house, I hope I don't delay Santa too much from his duties!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. You definitely have a knack for designing some incredible projects. I love all of them, but that gnome tugs at my heart!

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