Monday, November 22, 2021

Quilt Fills - A Few Favorites

A couple of recent quilts, Jack O Lantern and my in-progress cat quilt, have left me pondering quilt fills that fit the quilt. There is no one fill that fits for every situation, though for me, stippling comes darn close. 

With that aside, I'm going to go over three of my favorite fills, with links to the tutorials and videos on how to make them. 

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First up is the Structured Doodle Weave, a terrific freehand fill that's quite impressive!

All that's required is marking a grid on-point, then filling in each square on the diagonal, changing direction from square to square.

Here's a completed grid,

and another view on the completed project, the Sweetheart runner.

My next favorite, and one I considered for Jack O Lantern, is the Echoed Triangle Fill.

I love the spikey randomness of this fill and I think you can see why it was considered for Jack. Ultimately, Jack O Lantern has a an un-echoed version as the triangles were perfect for him.

Anyway, the Echoed Triangle Fill is easy but does take a bit of concentration to determine the direction the fill needs to go due to the echoing.

With more echoed triangles, the fill looks like this,

making for a great background texture. Take a look at the Echo Triangle Quilt Fill video to see it quilted in real time.

My last favorite fill is what I call a Dragon Fruit Fill, with a combo of curls and spikes.

The Dragon Fruit fill is a fun, organic fill that's soft and sharp at the same time. It all starts with the curls, then the addition of three spikes around the curl, a bit of echoing, then it starts again.

Definitely a great fill! See this one quilted in action with my YouTube video, Dragon Fruit Quilt Fill.

Of course, this post is just a quick overview of favorite fills. I highly recommend checking the links to go directly to the tutorial or video where there's more detail on creating these fills. Enjoy!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Definitely worth exploring these. I always intend to expand my repetoire, but then go back to the tried and true if I don't have time to practice a new motif.

  2. WOW - you are much better than I will ever be Susan! Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you are getting some rest! Hugs

  3. Susan, those are really terrific fills. That doodle had me fooled - love seeing the pathways. Thanks for all the great info!


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