Monday, December 13, 2021

Create Landscape Quilts - Giveaway!

Want to go in a new direction with your quilting? Looking to make landscape quilts that contain people and places? Then Meri Henriques Vahl's new book, Create Landscape Quilts (affiliate link), will start you off in the right direction! 

I'll admit that early in my quilting journey, landscape quilts were on my bucket list of quilt challenges. I have several bins and a drawer or two of landscape fabrics (mostly from the early 2000's!) that are begging to be in a quilt.

Fast forward to 2022. My bucket list is now very short, with items crossed off as my quilting journey has moved in different directions. Unfortunately, and probably to hubby's disappointment, landscape quilts are off the list. That's why I'm offering Create Landscape Quilts to a fellow quilter who would enjoy the landscape journey.

Before we get to the giveaway, let's have a look at the book. I must say, the quilts that Meri has created are beautiful and detailed in design - they certainly draw one in for further inspection! Just look at her quilt, Free Tibet.

Meri has great explanations for both the design part such as depth, movement, texture, etc, and of course the nitty-gritty of putting it all together. If you're new to landscape quilts, I suggest starting with one of her simple projects such as this river scene, Grand Tetons Revisited.

From there, get more adventuresome and try more complex landscapes, buildings, and even people. Check out Meri's The Notice - absolutely wonderful!

Included in the book are also quilting ideas to add movement, texture, and shadow. For people, there's her 'Paper Doll Technique', which is like playing with paper dolls. As an independent piece, the 'doll' is first traced from a photograph and given detail with pencils, so that it can be moved around the quilt for the best placement. There's lots to learn in this book!

Interested in winning a copy of Create Landscape Quilts? Just enter the Rafflecopter drawing below, now until midnight Wednesday, December 15. Contest is open to continental US residents only - sorry, no Alaska, Hawaii, or International entries at this time.

Good luck and Happy Quilting!

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  1. I've always wanted to make a landscape quilt - actually several! I have vivid memories of special days in my life that I'd like to recreate via landscape quilting. Don't know if I'd be successful, but I'm quite sure your book would make all the difference! Thanks for the giveaway. Deb E

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