Monday, December 27, 2021

RSC2021 Quilt

Here it is, quilted and bound, the finished RSC2021 quilt, also known as the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2021 quilt.

quilt in a of rainbow squares

Comprised of finished 8" scrap blocks featuring a small scrap of black toward one block corner, the RSC2021 quilt finishes at approximately 56" x 64", making it a nice lap size.

Each month, I would make 4 blocks in the color chosen by SoScrappy, the RSC hostess. Fortunately, I just happened to make 4 dark and 2 light pink blocks in January, which gave me the right number blocks for the whole top. Subconscious pre-planning I suppose!

pink quilt blocks

There is some order to how the blocks are arranged - I pulled them all out of the storage bin, leaving them in the order they were in though probably not by month. Then I put them on the design wall, following whatever color order was in my hand, and repeating the order till they were all up there.

That original order did leave some dark value concentrations, so I changed the order of one color, and worked in the two pinks. Quite frankly, I didn't spend a lot of time on the arrangement, trying not to over-think it!

a rainbow of quilt blocks

For more interest, I also rotated the black squares so they weren't all in the same block corner. Having that black square jumping all over the quilt sure makes it playful!

As for the border, I managed to find a floral print with rainbow colors that worked really well, helping to increase the size of the overall quilt.

The quilting is the easy and open Happy Times, in a variegated thread, along with a soft backing. I do wish I had more of the floral print (at the top), though the filler piece (at the bottom) worked well. It's also my binding which moved more of it out of my stash.

Overall, I'm quite please with this year's RSC quilt, and would make the blocks again, though probably in a different year. I really should come up with something different for 2022!

Happy Quilting and hope you join in on RSC2022!

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  1. Congrats on your fun bright finish! By rotating the black it looks scrappier, good work.

  2. Yahoo on a great finish! It looks great and makes my eye travel from corner to corner which, to me, is a sign of an awesome design. Have you named this one? Would you mind if I adopted this idea on my RSC adventures in 2022 or beyond?

  3. I really like your finished quilt. And bonus that you had a perfect border in the stash. No on to 2022! Decisions, decisions.

  4. I like this quilt very much. I never did RSC Blocks or Quilts. But this quilt I like to do next year. Can I do this? I surched bei RSC for the pattern but did not find it. Can you tel me where I can find it? Do I only need single-colored fabrics or can I also use patterned ones. I have a lot of leftovers so I would have a lot of different ones. Would that be okay and okay for you.??

    Greeting Guilitta
    Sorry for my bad english.

  5. Lovely scrappy crumb block quilt, Susan. The touch of black makes the colors sparkle. Have a happy and healthy New Year.

  6. great finish the colors are beauitful

  7. It really turned out great. Nicely done.

  8. I love the rotated blocks - gives it the right amount of interest. Am thinking hard about what I want to do, but I think it would be fun to join in next year with the RSCers.


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