Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ripple Effect

Announcing my newest creation, Ripple Effect!
Some quilts inspire others, and some create leftovers for another, creating a chain reaction or ripple. Remember those leftover curved pieces from the Glorified 9-Patch, Oh, Baby Baby?
Couldn't let them go to waste!  So I designed Ripple Effect with a bit of a modern flair, not only in it's design, but also it's quilting.

I'd been itching for a few months to do modern style quilting after taking Angela Walter's 'Machine Quilting Negative Space' class on      
negative space online quilting class at
I used to be terrified of negative space--I would avoid Snowball blocks at all costs!  I just had no idea what to do with all that empty area.  But after taking that class, and a couple others from Craftsy, I've become more courageous.  And I designed this quilt specifically to quilt some negative space!

I love designing quilts, and have written up the pattern for Ripple Effect.  It is available through the Craftsy pattern page.  Click here to check it out!  Instructions do not require you to make the Glorified 9-Patch but if you do, you can skip a lot of steps in the instructions!

And since I'm still testing out pattern writing, I'd appreciate your feedback about the pattern.

Happy Quilting!


  1. I loved the Ripple Effect, because I too would like to practice FMQ for the same Craftsy class. This pattern is absolutely perfect. I could make the sandwiched samples, but....

  2. LOVE your new creation as well as the 'new/fresh look' to your blog - AWESOME! I took Angela's Machine Quilting Negative Spaces Craftsy class, too and it was worth every penny. As soon as I get caught up, would love to try some more modern quilting, you and Angela make it look FUN!


  3. It's beautiful and amazing how you used those scraps!

  4. Thank you for the lovely comments! And I agree--that class was worth every penny and more!

  5. Susan,
    As much as I like your glorified nine-patch, ripple effect is even better! Is that possible? They are both lovely. Kudos to you for figuring a way to use the scraps!

  6. Thank you so much for saying such sweet things about the class! I am so glad you were inspired to try something new!! Great job on your FMQ!!!


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