Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chasing Squirrels

Okay, so either I've had too many chocolate covered cherries, too much caffeine, or I'm developing adult onset ADD, but lately I feel like a dog that sees a squirrel!  I want it!!!
My sister called today, and asked what project I was working on.  I laughed, not sure how to answer that question, given what was in the room. In front of me was the start of another Metro Rings medallion,
and as I swiveled around in my chair, my eyes fell upon the cut up pieces for the happyquiltingmelissa quilt-along,
and this, Chocolate Covered Cherries from Cultural Fusion Quilts  (affiliate link) ready for quilting
and across the room, these circles from a guild class, with fabrics chosen, needing a design,
and the packaged pile of fabric for a project with my Modern group,
and another package of fabric for Park Bench
and in the corner, my landscape that still needs painting.

I'm sure I missed something, somewhere. So, which one am I working on? Uh, all of them.  And what's scary is I keep seeing fabric that inspires more quilts, or blocks from quilt-alongs that others are doing that look incredibly fun.  

Then again, maybe not, because really, I've got to stop chasing squirrels!

Happy Quilting!!!!


  1. Would it help if I told you that you have lovely taste in fabrics. Okay, that won't help with getting them finished or in not starting more new projects but at least all the ones you're working on will be beautiful once they are all finished.

    1. Thank you! Using up the stash and the more the merrier!

  2. I just loved your dog chasing squirrel analogy and laughed out loud. I remember in the movie "Up" where Dug the Talking Dog jerks his head around and says "Squirrel". It was one of my favorite parts of the movie. It is in the final five seconds of this clip.
    I picture a quilter jerking her head around and becoming alert at the word "Fabric". I too have a collection of items "To Do". Mine are in those large square couple inch thick scrapbook plastic containers.

    1. LOVE IT! I totally experienced that last week! I was at a class chatting with my seat mate, and my eyes fell upon a very pretty bag that another quilter had on a table across from me. If it hadn't been in black, hot pink, and lime green--my favs!-- I probably wouldn't have noticed. Forget the conversation! That bag was too cute!

  3. That's a lot of projects! I especially like your fabric pulls for the Metro rings and the Happy Quilting quilt-a-long! Oh... and the donuts. ;) Of course.

  4. this made me laugh! I get it - but at least you have a project for every mood - whatever you feel like doing, cutting? Check. Sewing? Check? Quilting? Check? Eating? Check check! Diving through fabrics? You can do that too!


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