Friday, March 20, 2015

Another Progress Report and a Fusible Tip

Well, TGIF!  What a roller coaster of a week! 

This all started last Friday with a sick cat

Saturday and Sunday manning the membership table at our quilt show,
Monday processing the new memberships, Tuesday frantically trying to finish the St. Patrick's Day runner (which didn't happen until the next morning!),
Wednesday taking sick cat back to the vet, Thursday going to my doctor because said cat bit me.  And at Quilt Club later that afternoon, I got frustrated with my colors for Park Bench. Eesh! So, the Petal blocks for the Irish Chain Twist didn't happen until today, a wee bit late.

To catch up, I used fusible for all the petals, which was for the step posted last week.  
Diligently tracing the petal template onto the backside of fusible, and carefully cutting out around the edges, left these pretties. 
And a pile of scraps, which if you know me, I can't throw out. They could be used somehow, right?

Then came the fun of removing the paper. Notice how the instructions for the fusible doesn't cover that.
So here's my tip, which maybe everyone knows, but then again, maybe not! Use a pin to score the paper.
Fold along the score mark to release a bit of the paper
Slip your nail in
Lift up the paper to start the peel
And finish peeling off the paper
The petal is now ready for fusing! How quick, easy, and clean is that???

Here's all my petal blocks, fused, and stitched! Got a step done early!
I chose a pretty pink thread and a blanket stitch for my petals.
So, at least I'm caught up with this project.  Now on to the others!

Happy Quilting this weekend!


  1. Sorry to hear about your sick cat....and the cat bite. I hope you both are doing well. Using a pin to score the fusible is the only thing that works for me. I'm always amazed when I see someone just lift up and edge with their fingernail. They must be magic!

  2. They look fantastic!!! So pretty in pink!!! Great job getting all caught up and I love that pink thread on your stitching ;)

  3. What a great tip, thank you!!
    Hope puss is on the mend - and your finger too lol

  4. I love your choice of material for the background. Those pink petals stand out. Cant wait to see yours done. Hope Kitty is feeling better.

  5. Love all your pink petals and the background. What is the text print?

  6. Gorgeous pink petals, Susan! They look so worth all the hard work you have put into them!

  7. Oh, the pink petals on the text print! Wow!
    Tell me about the text print...who made it?



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