Friday, March 13, 2015

Film at Five

Reporting on a finish today, Film at Five.
This top was one of four blue charm square quilts that I made back in October 2013, when I whipped out nine baby quilt tops in nine days.  A personal record!

Three of the quilts in the that picture have gone on to be loved by some lucky little ones, but the quilt on the far left, Trio Two, is still in my possession because of the quilting.
It has won a couple top awards at small local quilt shows, and is one of several that I rotate for display in my house.

But of that group, Film at Five stayed behind, mainly because I couldn't think of how to quilt it.  Then hubby had the call for another baby boy quilt gift, so I determined it's time had come. 

And what I ultimately quilted, I think, was just right. A simple worm style stipple, where the arms are long, versus the traditional puzzle piece style, gives it a more distinctive look.  
Each square had arcs to each corner, and just one straight line diagonally, alternating direction with each square, which
is easier to see on the back.

Sometimes I think stippling is rather boring. But in reality, it serves a purpose, and in this case, not to detract from the top. Plus, it's better to have the quilt quilted and off to someone to love. So pull out those tops, get them done, and enjoy them!

Happy Quilting!


  1. I like the worm like stipple on the lovely blue quilt.

  2. Nine baby quilt tops in nine days!! That is amazing! The quilting on the Trio Two is stunning. The new finish looks beautiful too, it looks so pretty in the top photo.


  3. I agree, stippling definitely has it's place. I also agree about the quilting on the trio two - quite stunning. Great work!

  4. Ooh, great quilting, Susan. I think stippling is also great. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

  5. I love the film at five pattern. I have made similar quilts before that had whole squares for the big section. Thanks for the close-ups of your quilting. It is gorgeous.

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