Friday, December 6, 2013

Trio Two--Lots of Eye Candy!

Many things delayed the finishing of this quilt, but it is now ready to show!  Introducing Trio Two, the second of the Nickel Trio.
When I pieced this, I was intending it as a baby quilt (39" x 39"), with some quilting in the white areas, and something different in the blue.  
But then I saw a quilt that had quilting in an on-point square, and thought, that would look awesome on this quilt! 
Originally, I had stars planned in the blue areas, but brought those into the white, and into the on-point square.
The stippling around the stars help them pop.  Here's a picture before I did all the backgound fills.
I could have stopped there, but the fills really help the design stand out.
The center and the corners repeat the line design, and the fills are repeated;  stippling, pebbles, and McTavish.  Thread color is a medium light blue, top and bottom.
The back is a plain blue flannel (remember, it was supposed to go to a baby!), and shows off the quilting!

This turned out so pretty, I'm keeping it for myself!  I may make another, but with different quilting, of course!

A big project that delayed this quilt was my new 'connecting' icons, seen at the top right of my blog. 
I spent the last two days working on taking this
         to this     

Lots of trial and error since I'm not a programmer, but I did it, and even my engineer husband was impressed!  And what started it all, was I wanted a 'pin it' hover button over the pictures that I post.  So, go ahead, roll over a picture, and pin away!  And feel free to 'connect' using my pretty new buttons!

Happy Quilting!


  1. I am so impressed with this quilt(ing). No wonder you decided to keep it. This will be inspiration for many quilts to come. Oh, and I like your buttons, too. ;-)

  2. Oh boy that quilt went from simply and nice to absolutely stunning with that quilting. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your connecting icons.

  3. absolutely fabulous. Did you mark the on-point lines on the whole quilt before you loaded it?

  4. Love your quilting!!! Totally takes the quilt to a whole new, fabulous, level!!!

  5. Fabulous job, Susan! As always, great discussion of your technique, too.

  6. Fabulous job, Susan! As always, great discussion of your technique, too.


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