Friday, November 16, 2018

Pond Ripples

Yeah! The guest bed now has a quilt to call it's own, which I'm calling Pond Ripples.

Pond Ripples by QuiltFabrication

Sorry I have no outside, full on, hanging pictures of this, due to the incredibly poor air quality we've had due to the Camp fire. An on the bed shot will have to do!

As larger version of the Becharmed baby quilt,

Becharmed quilt by QuiltFabrication

I'm pleased with how it turned out, given what I had to work with.

Turns out, my awesome background fabric was not enough to make the full 8 1/2" second side borders. Thankfully, though, I was able to squeeze out two borders that are 4 1/4" - it's that narrow third background border visible on the edge of the bed.

Pond Ripples third border

And I'm really ok with that, because I was going for some overhang on the edges, but not a lot. When quilts are really big, it's a lot to manage!

I've also discovered that this quilt is a brighter blue than what's in the room, and really makes the picture look dull. The blue we pulled out for the paint was in the bird's wings, and not the picture background. Oh well.

original fabric pull for Pond Ripples

But, on an upside, this quilt is terrific for stash busting - I'm thrilled it used up at least 9 yards of fabric from my stash! And 5 yards of that was one piece I had for the backing - the quilt gods were definitely smiling down on me!

Overall, I'm glad I tried a larger size of the Becharmed quilt, but in reality, the pattern looks better as a baby quilt, and is written as such. Not only is it a great stash busting quilt, but also a perfect pattern for the beginner quilter.

The Becharmed pattern includes written directions for quickly making those 4 1/2" 4-patch units from 5" charm squares without sewing a single 2 1/2" square using my Charming 4-Patch Fast, Fun, and Fabulous tutorial. What could be easier???

Almost forgot! I decided on the Jester pantograph for this quilt and no straight-line quilting or feathers as for the baby quilt version.

Jester pantograph

Jester pantograph closeup

And here's a picture of the back (plus that Seminole style minky blanket I'm trying to hide!). Both sides were quilted with a dark grey thread.

Pond Ripples backside

If you're in need of a fast, scrappy baby quilt, or just want to use up your stash, check out the Becharmed pattern.

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I hope you are not too near to the Campfire area and that your air quality clears soon. I think your guest room quilt is great.

  2. This turned out so pretty and what a bonus to use up some stash fabric. The fires are so heartbreaking and the poor air quality is making things even harder on everyone. Stay safe!

  3. Congratulations on the finish; it came together quickly. I sure hope that the Camp fire can be put out soon and the air quality for you improves.

  4. Your quilt is very pretty, Susan. Please stay safe! My heart breaks for all the lives lost in that fire. Hopefully you will get some rain and air quality will get better.

  5. That looks so pretty on the bed and sounds like a great stash buster. You really finished it fast. I hope the air clears up soon.

  6. It looks great. The quilting motif looks wonderful.


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