Monday, March 4, 2019

Going In Circles Quilt

Welcome! It's my day to share my kid's version of the Going In Circles quilt from the Modern Art Quilt (affiliate link) book by Sue Bleiweiss.

Going In Circles kid version by QuiltFabrication

All I can say is - love it! And I hope the new mom and her boys do too, cause I can see a fun game of Twister happening on this quilt!

On Friday's post, I went over how I changed up this quilt, from it's construction, to the background choice, and even the accent strip choice. Do check out New Directions for the Going In Circle Quilt to read how I arrived at the chartreuse background and yellow-orange strip decision - it's a great lesson about color. Though there were those changes, the basic idea of this quilt still remains from Sue's original. 

Ah, but my color decisions weren't finished there. Next up was the thread choice for quilting. Laying out a couple feet of thread on the quilt top for each color always gives a good idea of what the thread will look like after quilting.

First, I tried an orange-yellow.

orange yellow thread

It's okay, and looks good on the blue circle, but the quilt will definitely take on an orange cast over the chartreuse.

How about a green?

green thread

Unfortunately, the green just disappears, both on the blue circles and chartreuse background.

All right, how about yellow?

yellow thread

Much better! It looks great on the blue, and actually looks green on the chartreuse. You would never guess it's yellow, unless you look really close.

I also wanted a pantograph on this one, opting against the wavy lines that Sue quilted on her version.
Going In Circle quilt by Sue Bleiweiss

Though my quilt has an overwhelming star theme, more stars would really be too much. Instead, I found this cool panto called Calder, which has points like stars, and curves to go with the circles - perfect! It really brings the whole quilt together.

Calder pantograph on kids version of Going In Circles

For the backing, it's a fun, colorful check print, that works great because it contains green, blue, yellow, and orange - another perfect fit.

closeup and backing of the kids version of Going In Circles

Teri Lucas of Terificreations does a fantastic review of the entire book - no need for me to repeat it all here. I've really been inspired by Sue's designs, as they are fresh, creative, and engaging. Because of this, I will continue featuring Modern Art Quilts (affiliate link) as my Book of the Month for both February and March. Look for a few more art quilts in the upcoming months.

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I just love piecing, so I make mostly pieced quilts. but I think a bit of applique added to a pieced quilt can make it extra special. Your quilt looks great! I noticed the quilting right away and thought it was just perfect for the design of the quilt.

  2. I like both. I am working on a paper pieced, applique and pieced quilt right now. Love your quilt and that background!

  3. I primarily (98%) make pieced quilts.

  4. I prefer pieced quilts. That being said, I also like to make applique wall hangings. Your quilt is darling, love your color choices!!

  5. Now there is a fun, bright quilt sure to make someone smile! I prefer to piece a quilt.

  6. That came together so well, and I love your presentation of the steps you took to choose each element - thanks! I love the look of appliqued quilts, but I do prefer to piece them.

  7. I have always done pieced quilts, but lately find I am often adding appliquedbits to make the quilt pop!
    I love your interpretation of Going in Circles and really enjoyed your post on your color choices.

  8. I have only made one applique block, but I enjoyed it. I don't mess up with seam allowances like I do with piecing.

  9. Hi Susan! Oh, that backing reminds me of scrabble and is so fun. I love this piece, and especially that quilting pattern you selected for it. I do both piecing and appliqué regularly, and I don't mind either. I haven't really paper pieced in years but have to make two blocks for a Bee Hive I joined this year. Hopefully they will turn out okay, or at least passable! Happy Monday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. Oh my, I do like this quilt with that lovely green and those fun circles! I'm sure it will be well received!

  11. I like doing applique as long as I can use fusible and my sewing machine to sew it down. I don't like hand work, so needle-turn applique just won't be happening!! I also like piecing.

  12. I typically make pieced quilts but when I am doing art quilts, they are often raw edge. I hope your family that gets your quilt appreciates it as you did a beautiful job. Thanks for sharing!

  13. The yellow thread was the perfect the quilting panto too! I tend to piece the quilts I make, but I enjoy applique too. Any modern design is appealing to me!

  14. I love the green background! This is a great piece. I prefer pieced.

  15. Thank you for blogging. I enjoy your site and your ideas. I prefer to piece. Applique is lovely but gets hard when you are older. Liz

  16. I usually piece quilts because my applique skills aren't that great.

  17. I prefer quilts with both. Your quilt is beautiful.

  18. Oh that is adorable - LOVE the green you used. I like both - I am more efficient at pieced quilts - but there is always a learning curve!

  19. It looks fantastic!! I read the other post to show how you used the color card and came up with your changes... These fabrics and thread choice were absolutely perfect. Thank you for sharing that part of the process too! I haven't really done applique yet, but you know that will be changing for me shortly...LOL! So far it's piecing for me. I'm excited to get the quilt kit and see how I like applique!


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