Monday, March 18, 2019

String Quilts in Progress

Phew - I think I'm due for a vacation! The last couple weeks have been go, go, go for me and the sewing machine - we're both working overtime! It started with the Going In Circles quilt, then the Clover Field Runner, and the final finish of the Mediterranean Rose quilt

Now I'm off in a new direction, with a couple projects in the works using strings - here's a sneak peek of the first one.

string quilt project by QuiltFabrication

The top is almost done - I just need to figure out how to piece an important element within the confines of the 9.5" square. And no, I'm not telling what that element is - I'm saving that for a later post! And if it all works out, the big reveal of this quilt is next Monday, my day of the All About Strings Blog Hop, hosted by Creatin' In the Sticks.

The second string project hasn't gotten off the ground yet, and it will be a pattern from Bonnie Hunter's new book, String Frenzy (affiliate link). See what she started??? Strings and more strings!

Of course, string quilts aren't new to me as I've done several over the years. In 2018, Raspberry Cheesecake was my own curvy improv quilt design based on techniques from the book Modern Improv (affiliate link).

Raspberry Cheesecake by QuiltFabrication

And in 2017, Stock Market was my own design as a scrap buster, and is available as an intermediate quilt pattern in both a lap and twin size.

Stock Market by QuiltFabrication

Going back a bit further, to 2016, there's this easy baby quilt, A Quilt to Give, from Nancy Zieman's Quick Column Quilts book (affiliate link).

Quilt to Give from Quick Column Quilts by Nancy Zieman

There's more string quilts scattered throughout the years, but those are just a few of the highlights. There's still more to come with updates to all of my current string adventures throughout the next couple weeks - stay tuned!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. You definitely have been a busy lady! Don't forget to breathe:)

  2. love the variety of quilts that you show

  3. Wow wow wow! Those strings are certainly dressed to impress! Whoop whoop!

  4. What a tease!! Love your new string blocks and now I am looking forward to your Monday reveal!!! Would you be willing to do tutorials on your improv strings and how you cut the fabrics to create those curves and how you put that beautiful W of color through the teal strings!!

  5. Look at you go!!! Love the stock market one!


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