Friday, March 22, 2019

More String/Scrap Blocks

How is it that scraps just never seem to disappear, no matter how hard we try to use them??? I spent 6 hours making 30 5" scrap blocks, and there wasn't even a small dent in the scrap pile.

scraps and small scrap blocks

I keep all of my scraps in color sorted zip lock bags,

zip lock bags full of scrap fabric

and there's still a ton left. I put the rotary cutter in the picture to give a size perspective, and even I was amazed at how large my scrap pile had grown again.

I had used some of the blues and aquas for the All About Strings project coming Monday, with this sneak peak I showed in an earlier string post.

blue and aqua string blocks

Of course, using scraps to make blocks is not new to me - I've done it several times. Last year, Regatta was one of my favorites,

Regatta Quilt

along with Saxon, which now has a new home,

Saxon scrap quilt by QuiltFabrication

and a favorite wall hanging for spring, Scraplicious Florabunda

Scraplicious Florabunda by QuiltFabrication

a Pinterest favorite for the quilting.

Scraplicious Florabunda quilting detail in the border

I've also written a couple tutorials on sewing string/scrap blocks using a foundation:
Making Fabric,
Playing For More Than 15 Minutes,
String Blocks for Hurricane Michael.

Or, I've been brave and not used a foundation, as for the blue/aqua string blocks, using only a 9 1/2" square ruler, 

string block in progress using a ruler

or just stitching pieces together to make this slab block, which got cut into four smaller blocks.

scrap slab quilt block

Of course, there are other scrap options if all of this seems like a lot of work (sometimes I think it is!). Check out Recycling Scrap Fabric the Easy Way if you're drowning in scraps, like I am!

No matter what happens to those scraps, have a great weekend quilting!

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  1. I need to make some of those string blocks - I have so many to use

  2. You have the best knack at putting improv together - love Scrapalicious Floribunda!!! And that border quilting - wow!!

  3. So much scrappy goodness here! Scrappy quilts are my personal favorite.

  4. Love your regatta quilt. It’s one of my scrappy favorites. To me, the 5 inch blocks are too small to bother making in the first place. I don’t make any smaller than 8 inches. The other is something that I as a quilter am very reluctant to mention – the wastebasket. I have strips from a recent animal fabric project and I think I’m just going to chuck them, but they are still sitting there.

  5. You are putting your scraps to great use. Very nice string blocks

  6. You are so good at saving all those scraps and making them into pretty quilts. My scraps usually get thrown away (gasp) but maybe I need to start saving a few of them for quilts as lovely as yours.

  7. Hi Susan, looking forward to seeing your string post on Monday.

  8. I hear ya about not making a dent in the scrap pile! I am convinced fabric scraps multiply like rabbits! Curious about your quilting, do you quilt on a long arm or a domestic machine?

  9. So many scraps! This is such a great way to use them up! I like it! Thanks for linking up


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