Friday, February 28, 2020

Round Robin Rooster

I'm so happy the day has finally arrived to reveal the Round Robin guild quilt to the world! Introducing the Round Robin Rooster.

Round Robin Rooster quilt

Isn't that awesome? Measuring 55" x 66", it makes a nice lap quilt to snuggle under, plus it uses up a majority of those chicken fabrics. What large pieces remained were used on the back,

Round Robin Rooster quilt backside

which is a really soft green, though it doesn't look like it in the picture.

Round Robin Rooster quilt backside closeup

Started last June, we worked on each other's quilt for the next six months, and had our big reveal at Monday's guild meeting. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the others, nor did I get a good look at them. Funny how that happens!

Didn't the green row accent the rooster's tail nicely? Thanks to Sarah of Sarah Goer Quilts for that! 

Round Robin Rooster quilt closeup

That row was the inspiration for the green binding choice, creating repetition, one of my go-to design elements. Also, thanks to Suzanne, Cherese, and Callista for their contributions to make this quilt special.

Quilted with the Paperchase pantograph, it's close to chicken wire without all the fuss.

Round Robin Rooster quilting closeup

Look at all of those deep fold lines in this quilt for having to wait so long to show but now it's on the sofa for night-time TV watching.

If you get the chance to join a round robin - do it! It can be challenging, but also lot's of fun! Or challenge yourself, like I did with my own round robin rooster quilt, Who Rules the Roost? 

Who Rules the Roost? by QuiltFabrication

And remember, just have fun with it!
Happy Quilting!

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  1. It's wonderful! The color choices are spot on. I do love a good chicken quilt - ahem, rooster.

  2. Oh my goodness! This is striking! I love it! I know roosters are probably not everybody's cup of tea but living in the country it would be a huge hit around here. What a great collaboration this was!

  3. We have two backyard-living chickens, so I have to say Yeah! for chickens. Wonderful finish.

  4. oh that is so cool!!! What a fun way to make a quilt!

  5. That turned out fabulous. I like how you made it longer.


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