Monday, February 3, 2020

February 2020 Book of the Month

This month, I'm choosing a book that's a bit out of my comfort zone - English Paper Piecing II (affiliate link) by Vicki Bellino.

English paper piecing II by Vicki Bellino

I rarely stitch anything by hand anymore, so why English paper piecing? Well, I've got some upcoming vacations that have really long (almost painful) plane flights, and would like something other than a book or a movie to occupy my time.

It's also high time I opened up the pack of hexie papers I bought years ago from Paper Pieces, and maybe try out some diamond shape templates from Tales of Cloth.

english paper piecing papers

This might be a good opportunity to use up some of those scraps too. Just need to sort through them, and come up with a plan.

Now, as for the book, there are a lot of very, very nice projects to make, more up to date than what the book cover conveys. The publisher could probably have a successful relaunch of this book if they reprinted it with a different cover. Yes, it's a beautiful quilt, but it makes the book look dated (published in 2014). 

Here's a couple projects that caught my eye:

Little Dresden Patch
I love the rounded edges on the hexies!

Simple Splendor
a more traditional quilt 

and Summer Garden
a flower filled bed runner - how cute is that?

Though I'll just be working with traditional shapes this time, the book covers all the basics, from cutting, to basting, to joining for any shape - enough to get me started!

And if you're an Electric Quilt user, one of their recent blog posts featured designing with the one-patch setting, which includes hexies and more - check it out here. Just some more inspiration for those hexies!

Now don't expect a finished project any time soon, unless I'm super motivated or bored to tears on those flights! Remember the last hand project (Mediterranean Rose) took 1.5 years for block completion, and another 5.5 for a final quilt. Let's hope for a better outcome - I'm looking forward to getting started!

Happy Quilting!

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