Monday, February 10, 2020

RSC 2020 February - Orange

I've been eagerly awaiting the new RSC color to make sure I made a scrappy pinwheel before the month was done, and I was so hoping the February color for RSC 2020 was going to be red. But no, the choice this month is orange. 

Hmm, not a fan? But just look at all those orange possibilities! It's a color I don't have problem with, yet I'd rather see it in the fall, paired with yellows and reds - oh make me swoon with that combo!

Believe it or not, my orange scraps are rather on the stingy side, filling only a quart size zip lock bag. I thought I would have more after making all those pumpkins and leaves over the last couple years. Maybe I was very efficient in my cutting and sewing?

small bag of orange scraps

Anyway, I managed to have enough for the 12 1/2" pinwheel block, which I love - it reminds me of orange sherbet -

orange scrap pinwheel block

and a couple 8.5" and 4" blocks. Still not sure what I'll do with these.

orange scrap blocks

Now there's just a few scraps in the bag, which are sorta orange and don't belong anywhere else. But they weren't a good fit for this project, so back in they go, along with the few small pieces left from the blocks.

small bag of orange scraps left

And I've fulfilled my commitment for the month, on my way to completing a full year of RSC - woohoo! Two down, ten to go. Are you playing along??

Happy Quilting!

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