Friday, February 26, 2021

More Free US State Quilt Blocks - 21 thru 30

Time to catch up and collect more US State quilt blocks from the Around the Block - USA Tour.

map of USA and quilt blocks

Today we're covering ten more blocks, 21 thru 30, making it easy to collect several blocks at once. Just joining in? Find the lists of previous blocks thru the links below:

More FREE US State Quilt Blocks - 15 thru 20

More FREE USA Quilt Blocks - 10 thru 14

Keeping Up with the FREE USA Quilt Blocks - 1 thru 9

Now on to blocks 21 thru 30.

Block 21, from A Stitch in Time, is a beautiful cardinal from North Carolina

Block 22, from On Williams Street, oozes all the sunshine of Arizona,

Block 23, from Utah Quilt Appraiser, features the beauty of Utah with this beehive block,

Block 24, designed by MMMunchys  for Rhode Island, comes in two versions, the pieced one shown, and wool applique.

Moving on to Block 25, Appliques Quilts and More visits Peurto Rico, with a fun frog and pretty flower, 

black frog and a yellow flower

and another pretty flower in Block 26 from The Quilting Room with Mel and the Kansas sunflower block.

Just a few more to go! Block 27, designed by Slice of Pi Quilts, features Nevada,

With Block 29, we'll head up to Vermont with Seams Like a Dream

finally ending back in Iowa, Block 30, with Lizard Creek Quilting

pink flower on a green quilt block

Wow! That was quite the road trip, zig-zagging back and forth across the United States. I'll have another update in a few more weeks, plus be on the lookout for my block, Maine, #35. Until then, have fun collecting blocks 1-30!

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