Sunday, March 28, 2021

Maine - Pine Tree State

Welcome to the US Block Tour and the state of Maine - the Pine Tree state!

outline of Maine

It's my turn to showcase Maine, and present a free block for the US Block Tour - I hope you've been collecting! 

First, a bit of background as to why I chose to represent Maine though I live in California. I was fortunate to move there at the age of 10, spending the next 6 years living in wonderland, as my home was on an island in one of Maine's numerous lakes. I wish I could show my long-ago pictures of this beautiful state, but they're buried deep in the closet. So, please bear with my picture-less story.

On that lake, I learned to swim and ice skate, and still swim regularly to this day.  In the summers, we had numerous big family bbq's that included sailing on my Dad's boat, and water skiing with a boat borrowed from my brother's girlfriend. Those are some of my fondest memories!

Winters, though, were a different story. Shoveling snow, stuck cars, and an impassable island road were some of the highlights I would rather forget. Let's just say I don't miss snow!

For me, there are a few things that make the state of Maine special, such as lobster, moose, lighthouses, and pine trees - lots of pine trees. It's this tree that gives Maine it's nickname, The Pine Tree State, and the reason for my block.

green pine tree quilt block by QuiltFabrication

With a finished size of 6", the block is easily paper pieced in three sections, using a background fabric and three greens. Scrap pieces work perfectly to make this tree, or several fat quarters would make a whole forest.

To add my Maine Pine Tree block to your collection of US quilt blocks, just click on the download button.


pine tree quilt block

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Happy travels across the country!


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  1. This would also make a fun Christmas tree quilt! Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks - yes I'm trying to do the states - I think I might try quilting the outline of Maine (minus the islands!) Hmm, maybe do that with all the states - especially Iowa! (Hint my home state.) I also want to put a small star in the corner of each state we have visited. Thanks again

  3. Hi Susan, some years ago when we had a B&B, we met the nicest couple from St Croix, they had a fishing lodge there, and he told us delightful stories about the "sports" he took fishing, the bear that stood against their screen door one night and the snow!!! So I will think of Dale and Jana when I sew the tree, with special memories of their visit to New Zealand.

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