Friday, June 25, 2021

Fairy Tale Castle

Welcome to my fairy tale Castle!

a portion of a grey castle

Yes, I'm participating in the Fairy Tale Blog Hop, hosted by Joan of Moosestash Quilting - thank you to Joan for hosting, and to you, dear reader, for visiting!

castle image and an open book

The full list of all the Fairy Tale hop participants can be found at MooseStash Quilting. These are today's participants - be sure to visit to see what they created for the fairy tale theme.

My Bumbleberry Life

Songbird Designs

Words & Stitches


Now let's go check out my Castle!

Growing up, I was enchanted by the fairy tales of Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel. Besides the narrative featuring women, when I think about these tales, a common feature emerges: that of the castle.

Of course, at the time these fairy tales were written, castles were a pretty common part of the landscape. They were, after all, large, fortified buildings housing members of one's family (think kings or nobility) or a larger community, against attack. They were essentially homes.

My Castle block is not fairy tale specific. It features some of the important parts of a castle, such as a tower, a gate, crenellations (the blocks on the tower and above the gate), and really wide arrow loops that look more like windows. I can so envision Rapunzel letting down her hair from that tower on the right!

Though it's still a block at the moment, I have plans to use it in a quilt late this year or early next. And if the spirit moves me, I may design more fairy tale blocks to go with it - we shall see.

But for you, dear readers, you can have this finished 12" block pattern for FREE  till Sunday morning, 9 am PST. Sorry - time's up!

The Castle quilt block is now available in my QuiltFabrication Etsy shop - enjoy!

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  1. A lovely castle and yes Rapunzel's hair hanging down.

  2. Thank you for the castle block. I'm excited to see what you turn yours into.

  3. A very cute castle block, Susan. Thanks for sharing that pattern. I look forward to seeing what you make to go along with this block!

  4. Now you have me wondering what quilt you will put your castle into. Thanks for the pattern.

  5. Cute, you had your creative hat on again Susan!

  6. What a cool castle you have designed. I see lots of places it can be used. Thank you so much Susan for not only participating, but sharing this fabulous pattern with us. Who might just see it in a Halloween quilt some day! LOL!!

  7. A fantastic castle design. I can totally see Rapunzel's long hair flowing down from that window. You are very creative! -Andrea

  8. I love this sweet castle of yours! I think most little girls and boys dreamed of living in one...I did. Thank you for sharing, Susan!

  9. Very cool castle block! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! xx

  10. This looks like a dream home and a great designed quilt block. Such a great beginning for an awesome project.

  11. Nice design! And I love all that the sequins add to your photo :)

  12. I love the castle! Thank you so much!

  13. Great castle block! I always loved Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel too! Thanks for sharing your block!

  14. Love the castle block! Cinderella is probably my all-time favorite fairy tale. :)

  15. Great castle block. I do love Cinderella and Rapunzel too.

  16. Thank you for sharing your castle block! I love the architectural details that you've added.

  17. I love your castle! It will be fun to see what else you add to it; in the fullness of time.

  18. Thank you for the very nice castle block. I've been following your blog with Feedly for quite a while. Dot

  19. Thank you so much for the Castle pattern. It is appreciated!

  20. What a great castle. I like Lady Liberty, too.


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