Monday, June 28, 2021


Since I was a little kid, I've always been fascinated by the Statue of Liberty, finally visiting her a few years ago. And she did not disappoint! With that in mind, I'd like to introduce another wall hanging to add to my patriotic collection - Liberty.

patriotic print with aqua, blue, and red striped fabrics

The final version did end up slightly different than the in-progress picture from last week, with the removal of the smaller HST's at the edges.

aqua, blue, and patriotic fabrics laid out

As I said, I certainly didn't set out to make another patriotic wall hanging pattern when I started playing with the new half square triangle dies from Crafters Edge. Guess I was having too much fun cutting and sewing HST's as these dies make perfect HST's.

triangle dies for a fabric cutting machine

These new HST dies should be available soon, but in the meantime, you can get your hands on a brand new Crafters Edge Crossover II cutting machine at 25% off during the whole month of July - that's an awesome sale!

After playing with different settings for my dark blue and light aqua HST blocks, I pulled out one of the numerous patriotic prints from my stash - bingo! The ideas for a new patriotic wall hanging started taking shape, and in a day or so, Liberty was born.

Finished Liberty came out to be the perfect size for an alcove near my front door, measuring in around 38" x 38". It looks as if that spot was made for her - love it!

dark blue, aqua, red/white stripes and a patriotic print surround the Statue of Liberty


Can you tell I had a great time quilting Liberty? Stitching some art deco style quilting in the aqua triangles, reminiscent of the Empire State Building, adds an additional New York reference.

three triangles quilted in an aqua triangle

Straight lines at various angles add interest to the dark blue areas, and celebratory ribbon quilting accents the patriotic print.

ribbon quilting

As for Liberty herself, I added a few simple lines to give shape to her face, crown, and robe. Those quilting detail lines are included in the pattern.

statue of Liberty quilted

With a few HST's (die cutter not necessary), a couple rectangles and squares, plus a grand applique, Liberty can honor your wall too. From now until July 5, the Liberty wall hanging pattern is available at a special Fourth of July sale price - take advantage of this special sale while you can!

Happy Fourth of July!

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  1. That really turned out spectacular! The quilting is great also, especially on Lady Liberty. Just the right amount of quilting to show off her features.

  2. How majestic she looks! Beautiful quilting on her also.

  3. THAT!!! Is so perfect! you did an amazing job and she looks so lifelike!! great job!

  4. I LOVE this version! Those corners really make this one for me!! Great job, Susan!

  5. Great frame for this center, Susan. Love the quilting plan too.

  6. The quilting on this takes this to the max! Do you mark with pen? chalk? freehand? The deco quilting echoes the stars and give that "New York" feel. Love it all. Thanks

    1. I just marked a few measured dots then let the ruler do the rest.
      Thanks for the quilt love!

  7. It's a beautiful design. And I love the machine quilting on it. Amazing project.


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