Thursday, February 9, 2017

Structured Doodle Weave Tutorial

Today it's a quick tutorial on the easy background quilting used on the Sweetheart table runner.

Though this was stitched on a longarm, the fill can easily be done on a domestic machine. Originally found in Charlotte Warr Andersen's One Line at a Time Encore (affiliate link)book, it's definitely a winner of a fill!

This fill requires a drawn grid (1 inch squares suggested). Start the stitching in one corner of a border square with a back and forth doodle filling up the space.

Try to have the doodle go into all the corners, filling the whole square. Continuously stitch from square to square, at an angle through the grid for the first row. 

The next row starts in the other direction, at right angles to the previous stitching.

Another line, parallel to the first, can be started next.

Continue adding back and forth doodle lines following the steps above.

And in no time, there's a beautiful woven background fill 

with lots of texture!


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