Monday, June 13, 2022

FREE Sew Much Fun Quilt Blocks 38 - 46

Who wants some more FREE sewing themed quilt blocks? Here's the next 9 blocks in the Sew Much Fun quilt block series - let's jump right in!

Block 38, bolts of fabric from Blue Bear Quilts,

Block 39, a spool from Nestlings by Robin,

Block 40, another spool in SOS form from Prairie Sewn Studios,

Block 41, a special Mother's Day heart from Dragonfly's Quilting Design,

Block 42, a color wheel from the Inquiring Quilter,

Block 43, yarn and a crochet hook from Appliques, Quilts and More,

Block 44, a handworked block by Rona the Ribbiter,

Block 45, a bobbin from Sugar Sand Quilt Company,

Block 46, a ruler from True Blue Quilts.

If you're just joining in, here's where to find all the previous blocks - enjoy!

Blocks 30 - 37

Blocks 22 - 29

Blocks 13 - 21

Blocks 9 - 12

Blocks 1 - 8

Happy Quilting!


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