Monday, April 11, 2022

FREE Sew Much Fun Quilt Blocks 30 - 37

Here's the next group of eight sewing themed blocks from the Sew Much Fun Tour! 

Just discovering these free quilt blocks? Missing any? Then look no further than these posts to catch up!

Blocks 9 -12

Blocks 1 - 8

Now on to the next set of eight blocks to add to the collection.

Block 30, a measuring tape from Sunflower Stitcheries

Block 31, an embroidery hoop from the Inquiring Quilter

Block 32, a rotary cutter from Katie Mae Quilts,

Block 33, a cup of tea from Sunflower Stitcheries.

Block 34, a prize ribbon from Sunflower Stitcheries,

Block 35, a Featherweight machine from Tourmaline and Thyme Quilts,

Block 36, a hands block from Sweet Potato Quilts,

and Block 37, an embroidery hoop from Appliques Quilts and More. 

I hope you enjoy these blocks - be sure to thank all the designers. There's still more to come!

Happy Quilting!

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