Monday, October 18, 2021

FREE Sew Much Fun Quilt Blocks 9 - 12

There's more FREE sewing themed quilt blocks to be had from Quilting Around the Block

This post covers blocks 9 thru 12, and you can find pictures and links to blocks 1-8 at my FREE Sew Much Fun post back in September.

Now, here's blocks 9-12.

Block 9 is a fun seam ripper from Katie Mae Quilts,

blue and grey seam ripper

while with Block 10, you can get your groove on with these headphones from Always Expect Moore.

grey headphones on a teal background

Scrapdash brings us Block 11, a cute spool and bobbin block.

And for Block 12, it's bobbins from Penny Spool Quilts, just so you don't run out.

This should now bring everyone up to date on the FREE Sewing blocks, with more still to come. I'll be back again in a month or so with the next group. Until then, 

Happy Quilting!

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