Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Yesterday, I was fortunate to take a class with Ann Shaw, a wonderful quilter who teaches the Ruth B. McDowell style of quilting.  I have always admired Ruth's quilts, and dreamed of taking a workshop from her.  Unfortunately for me, she retired last year.  But Ann is a great substitute, and she's okay with that designation.

Our class was all about chickens.  Meet Fred.

I'm calling him that, even though the pattern is named Gallus Gallus
available through  Ann has many other chicken patterns, plus other animals and flowers.

After prepping the pattern, the day was spent auditioning fabrics.  Starting with the eye, then the head, 
and working around the body,
to the tail,
Fred (as I'm calling him at the moment), began to take on a personality. 
He appears quite majestic, struttin' his stuff!  

Today, I'll work on the background, for which I've chosen pale lavenders, plus the bold print to ground him.
Then comes the sewing.  He's just pinned to a foam board, in case I want to change any of the fabrics.  I'm sure he'll look a bit different after backgrounds and seams.  Come by again to see him finished!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Your fabric choices are fabulous! It looks great.

  2. Fred is strutting his stuff, for sure.

  3. Fred is looking good!!! Can't wait to see Fred in all his final glory!!

  4. Fred is one rooster with attitude! LOVE the fabrics you're using here. Stunning.

  5. What a handsome bird! Do you do the background first and then start assembling him? I definitely want to see Fred finished. I,too, love Ruth's work


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