Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Project of the Month

This month, I need to make a departure from the Book of the Month series.  Instead, I'm calling it the July 'Project' of the Month for this month, and this month only!  But I plan to resume pulling from my bookshelf come August.

I've had company visiting for the last three weeks, not to mention my kids out of school for the summer.  That all adds up to a lot more cooking and less quilting!  Quilts are slow to get done, I haven't touched my beloved Tess (Innova machine) in three weeks, and a deadline for a quilt is now looming.  

So, for July, I have broken down and purchased the Quick Curve Ruler and the Metro Rings pattern. (affiliate links)


I'm planning to make a small version as a gift, and just don't have the time to figure everything out using another curved ruler that I have.  And having a pattern should help too.  Time is such a precious commodity!

I'll show what progress I can, but I don't want to give it all away in case the recipients follow my blog.  I want there to be some surprise!

Happy Quilting!


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