Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July Project of the Month

Made more progress on my July Project of the Month, Metro Rings, using the Quick Curve Ruler, (affiliate link) though I'm not sure how much I can show, for two reasons.  First, this is a gift, and I don't want the intended recipient to see the whole thing.  Second, I'm working from a pattern, and don't want to give away this designer's hard work.  But I'll do my best and give a peak!

For this project, I've chosen several batiks.  A lovely gradation strip set
 and a coordinating background.
 Following the pattern, I've cut out my curves with the QCR
and sewn in the background pieces, again following Jenny's hand placement suggestions.
Unfortunately, my eyesight is not the best for fine print, and I could not tell which 1/8" mark the pattern was referring to.  Well, I found out after I cut all of the left side pieces.  Oops, too narrow!
Fortunately, I had enough strip set and fabric left to redo those sides, and get back on track!  Phew!

Today, I'll tackle my next challenge, which is not in the pattern, so I'm totally winging it.  Wish me luck!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Great job on the rings! I made a whole quilt top of them. Great color combos too!


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