Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More Metro Rings Progress

Just finishing up my Metro Rings project, and it's turning out very well!  Here's a quarter of the star.
Not bad for winging the star design!  I did take pictures of my process, and hope it's not too overwhelming.

Let's start with the inside rings.  I wanted the inside star points to match up with a ring seam line, and the outer points are at a point where it looked good.  The background pieces were marked, and a wide enough strip of fabric was cut to cover.
In the picture, I'm showing my seam, then it pressed.  I left the background on to help with trimming the straight edge, and the curve, then trimmed it off.

Now on to the other side.  The curve was traced on the piece, and points marked, again a bit of a guess.  Then the strip fabric was sewn on.
The background was left on for cutting guidance.  Put it all together, and it makes a beautiful star! 

I would like to say I have really enjoyed this ruler, and the pattern.  I give Jenny a 10 on 1)ruler design, and 2)clear instructions.  I can tell a lot has gone into making these patterns, and she has done a terrific job!  I definitely would recommend giving this a try.

Now I must get back to sewing, as I'm hoping to finish up today, and start the quilting tomorrow.

Happy Quilting!


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  1. Oh, gorgeous!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE what you are doing!!! I want to make one too!!! Now to find the pattern and the ruler!!


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