Monday, August 1, 2016

August 2016 Book of the Month

Well, I still haven't made a firm decision on what I want to do with the Book of the Month feature. For August, I'm going to continue featuring the book Black and White, Bright and Bold. (affiliate link)

I'm in need of some baby boy quilts, so I'll look to see what fabric I have that will fit another quilt from this book. Still need to quilt the first one, 

Licorice Medley.

Such a great pattern to use up 2 1/2" squares!

And the scrap Christmas quilt is almost a top. Hoping to get the last two seams sewn today. Hubby and I worked like crazy this weekend, painting the living room, including the ceiling. Now it's left to me to finish the hallway over the next couple days. All of this house stuff doesn't leave much time for quilting!

Trust me, I'm jealous if you get to quilt all day. Enjoy it!


  1. I love black and white and Yellow Or RED! Or ??????

  2. I ordered this book!! Can't wait to get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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