Sunday, August 28, 2016

This and That

Binding is done, so time for the unveiling of This and That!

I've done pretty good over the last two months, having made three quilts from the Book of the Month(s) selection, Black & White, Bright & Bold. (affiliate link)

All three, Licorice Medley,

Tile Works

and This and That 

were all fun and easy to make, especially in baby quilt sizes.

For the quilting, This and That got the custom treatment. The last few quilts have been pantographs, which have worked fine on them. But this quilt just called out for something more. Channeling some Shape by Shape ideas, I quickly drew out a design on paper, then just went for it.

And in the black and white squares, 


a bit of 1/4 inch echo stitching defined the block, with a loop de loop fill design in the light center. No need to get super fancy here, as it can't be seen, except on the back with teal Glide thread.

For the front, I chose Glide in silver. It's always a tough choice as to what to use on black and white quilts. A light thread, or a dark thread? Either way, one of them is going to get lost in the fabric. And a colored thread would have completely changed the look of the quilt, diminishing the black and white. Ultimately, it's a tough decision for each and every black and white quilt, more so than others, I think. Of course, one could always drive themselves completely nuts by using both, and with numerous thread changes! Maybe for a show quilt, but for an everyday? Nah.

Here's one more shot of the quilt, full on.

Measuring in at approximately 40" x 40", this quilt is one row and one column smaller than that in the book. The layout of the original, with alternating rows of 2 plain blocks and 3 plain blocks, looks better, but it still works, especially for a baby quilt. This one will stay in the quilt stash for awhile, but the other two go to their new homes on Monday.

And now it's time to get cracking on the Shadow Blocks.

Stayed tuned, as it won't be quite what you expect!

Happy Quilting!


  1. beautiful quilts, I love Licorice Medley

  2. I am having so much fun watching you work thru some of your books. Are you keeping the books you work from or finding a new home for them? I think I have the Black and white book in my stash and you have tickled me enough to maybe go dig it out.

    1. It's back on the bookshelf to explore again some other time!

  3. Your quilting looks lovely but then, you always do great work. There are some lucky babies out there. I hope their parents appreciate the gifts.

  4. I love the look of that inner pinwheel with the quilting. Nice job on getting three quilts done from the book.

  5. This is my favorite b&w so far! It is really great how a clever design on the colored squares made it fun and unique! I like to quilt on busy black and white prints exactly because it is hard to see the quilting: I guess that's a good thing for beginners ;) Thanks for sharing!!

  6. I like all three quilts, but This and That with your quilting is my favourite. I've been contemplating black and white and bright recently. Thanks for the link to the book!

  7. I love the aqua with the black and white on the This and That quilt. You certainly have an eye for color. The quilting is just stunning.

  8. Aqua is one of my favorite colors, so of course I had to hop over to see your quilt! It's lovely and the quilting in the aqua is perfect.

  9. I love the custom quilting on This and That. The quilting adds to its lovliness

  10. Love all three quilts. Looks like a fun book.

  11. Pretty quilt - that silver Glide is one of my favorite go-to colors - it seems to blend well with almost everything!


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