Friday, August 19, 2016

Tile Works

Yet another finish from the July/August Book of the Month choice, Black & White, Bright & Bold (affiliate link) Introducing a baby size version of Tile Works.

Isn't it pretty??? And yes, it's Blue & White, not Black & White! Just as nice in blue, this pattern lends itself to any color. 

But why not black? Two reasons: I'm not that fond of straight black and white for a baby quilt, and hubby needed another boy quilt. So blue it is!

Once the fabric pieces were cut, the blocks were quick to put together with chain piecing. Using a tiny blue dot-on-white fabric in the blocks, I didn't have enough for sashing. No biggie, solid white was a good substitute.

Since almost all of the fabrics had stars in them, I chose a new-to-me star panto, with a pale blue Glide thread.

Just what was I thinking?? Unfortunately, this star panto is not one of my favorites. Far too many pauses for the points, and the panto was rather straight, not zig-zag for nesting. In the photo below, you can see the unquilted channel in the middle that separates the two rows of the panto.

Not the prettiest, but at least the whole design looks good on the quilt.

Now I'm eyeing another quilt from the same book, maybe This and That, though in another color as I have plenty of girl quilts! Any suggestions? Teal? Orange?

Well, while I'm off deciding that, have a great weekend quilting!


  1. Hmm! I am thinking I may need to get that book! I'm really liking that Tile Works pattern. That blue and white really looks sharp!

  2. I am loving the blue and white. So striking! The This and That pattern lends itself to so many color options. Teal AND Orange?

  3. That is so pretty. It makes a great baby quilt.

  4. so pretty! You are the only one that would have noticed the panto nesting issue- it looks lovely. Such a wonderful baby gift!

  5. That is an attractive quilt. I believe that simple designs are usually more impressive. Instead of orange and/or teal, I'd suggest use both but as aqua and coral.

  6. I like the blue fabrics set against the white sashings, very striking!

  7. I like the blue variation and the mixed fabric for the sashing. I think that the quilting design is really great, I wouldn't be able to see the unquilted channel if you didn't point it out... it looked all very organic with the design to me. Thanks for sharing

  8. Lovely! And probably only you will see the issue with the quilting - really, no one else will notice. Enjoy this quilt.

  9. Cut quilt and perfect for a baby! Great choice on colors!


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