Monday, September 25, 2017


Presenting Jess,

Jess, another quilt for Making Connections

Joy's little sister from the Making Connections Blog Hop, earlier this month.

Ready for a ton of eye candy? 

Here's the center square,

Jess quilt, center square

and also a side view.

Jess, side view of quilted center square

Next up, a few closeups of the negative space around the pinwheels.

Sparkle Crosshatching in negative space around pinwheels on Jess quilt

To add a bit of sparkle to those pinwheels, there's a little extra stitching in the crosshatching.

Sparkle Crosshatch quilting closeup

A bit closer shot.

Sparkle Crosshatching quilting closeup

And closer still!

Sparkle Crosshatch quilting

Sparkle Crosshatching closeup 2

Interested in how these negative spaces were quilted with the Sparkle Crosshatching? Then take a look at the video, which follows the creation of the seeds, the crosshatch, and the sparkles, all in one continuous stitching sequence. Who can resist sparkles?

For more detail pictures, and two more videos on line quilting as a fill, check out Jess - Quilting Continued
Happy Quilting!

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  1. Love that sparkle crosshatch! Beautiful quilt!

  2. Jess is the fairest maiden in the land. Exquisite quilting!!!

  3. This is beautiful!!! I could set and watch you quilt all day :)

  4. Loved the eye candy and the tutorial. You really do nice work.

  5. That is really pretty. Loved watching the video.

  6. Susan this is just gorgeous and thanks for sharing the video of how you quilted it continuously. :-)

  7. Hi Susan,
    Ahh, pinwheels! I love them and this quilt. Beautiful quilting as always. You are an inspiration. ~smile~ Roseanne


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