Friday, September 15, 2017


The wait is over - I've teased you enough - introducing Joy

Joy quilt by QuiltFabrication

my creation for the Making Connections Blog Hop.

Composed of quick and easy half square triangles, the design is perfect to showcase the quilting from the Making Connections - A Free Motion Quilting Workbook (affiliate link)by Dorie Hruska.

Making Connections - A Free Motion Quilting Workbook

With so many designs to choose from, I decided to keep it light and airy for this quilt - and the effect has paid off! Ready to see more? Then here we go!

Joy quilt center
                                                The center

Joy quilt negative space design
                                 Designs in the negative space

Joy quilt center and negative space
                                Another closeup of the center 

Joy quilt side view
                                      The center to the corner

Joy quilt backside
                                                  The back

Joy quilt square motif
                                            And a motif in a square

Just looking at these pictures makes me ohh and ahh - and I own the quilt! Really - anything is possible with the designs in this book.

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  1. Ohh I love it! The quilting is fabulous!

  2. Love love love the negative space quilting. Great job! I need this book.

  3. That is really spectacular. The quilting is just stunning.

  4. Great hop! Thank you. I have a table topper that I have been trying to get inspiration for and after following this hop, I think I am ready to go for it. Now I just have to find some time.

  5. Slurp!!! OMG Susan, your quilt is stunning with your quilting. You really are making want to get in my car and drive 3 miles so I can obtain this book!!!!!
    Nicely done and thanks for sharing and the chance to win this book.

    1. That was suppose to be drive 3 hours one way that is.

  6. Your quilt and quilting is amazing!

  7. Very lovely quilt, the quilting suits it perfectly.

  8. lovely the quilt as such a delicate look to it and the actual quilting is beautifully done

  9. Love the fabrics and the quilting. You are tempting me to buy the book!

  10. Wow! Such an amazing texture! The quilting really transformed the quilt! Thanks for sharing!!


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